Our Partners

NeXT Stop works with its Partners to ensure MetroCards are used appropriately, for uses including: access to homeless shelters and soup kitchens, healthcare, and employment opportunities.

“Since I have begun here at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, I have seen transportation to be a great need. Quite frequently we refer clients to important services they desperately need, but have no way to get there and we cannot offer many services to help. At this time we offer only a referral letter asking for the transit agent to allow them a free ride, but there has been very limited success. Transportation, especially in a city such as New York, where needed services may be spread far and wide, is a critical need. Especially for a population of people who may be living in difficult situations or in some cases, on the streets. Assistance with transportation services may be just the extra help needed to allow someone to get to important services and job interviews or other appointments which might help someone get back onto their feet.”

Richard Tifero

Counseling Services Manager, Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen